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Where to get your dose of The Gracious Deviants

All of our best recorded material is right here on this website, but there are a couple of other places you can get your daily dose of The Gracious Deviants.


SoundCloud has always had all of our material available to stream for free from the web or the SoundCloud app.
You will find our latest releases here as well as demos and live recordings from some of our gigs over the years.


Bandcamp has our EP Blue Skies & Thunderclouds and the latest DIY Studio Adventures available for purchase, if you would like to have a piece of The Gracious Deviants (or two, or three or many) of your very own.

Spread the word!

We would love to hear from you, so please like our Facebook page, or leave us a comment on one of our tracks on SoundCloud and let us know what you think. But don't just tell us, tell all of your friends about us as well, and let's all try and make the world a bit more Graciously Deviant!

Pete & Darrel