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Recording again!

It's been a while since we last spoke, but that's because we're recording again!

We've decided that there is not enough of our material available online, and have fielded far too many "Have you guys recorded that one?" questions with "Errr…. no" for far too long.

We're back in Darrel's studio tracking and at mine for mixing, and this time we've added… PERCUSSION!

We have 6 songs down so far, with a few tweaks and overdubs left to do on each, and we're heading back in this weekend to record a couple more.

The goal at this stage is not an album or another EP, but to get as much of our stuff to as high quality as we are able and put it online for everyone to hear. If we're able to secure the talents of one of our more technical friends to put the final polish on, then all the better.

Stay tuned for a track list!